Case Study:

Crissy for Mount Dora

Published on
July 8, 2022
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Needed a new website for the campaign and, once elected, needed to keep residents informed about important news and events, plus facilitate important initiatives.

As a small business owner and Mayor, Ms. Stiles is short on time and has to efficiently coordinate with volunteers and other committees to get things done.


The Recycling Program page on Mayor Crissy Stile's website includes a feature section showing how the program works clearly and simply, as well as the sign-up form, which only takes a couple minutes to fill out.

New recycling program

As the new Mayor of Mount Dora , Ms. Stiles was eager to implement her vision for a more sustainable community. One of her first initiatives was a recycling program that would allow residents to recycle their aluminum cans. To make the program run smoothly, she enlisted the help of volunteers who would pick up the cans from participants' homes. I helped Mayor Stiles by designing a new page on her website that contained a form for signups. I also created a custom integration that automatically puts the information in a spreadsheet accessible to her volunteers. In addition, I created a custom email marketing segment and linked her Mailchimp account, so participants are automatically sent e-mail reminders ahead of their pickup day.


For the initial phase of the project, Ms. Stiles won the Mount Dora mayoral election in 2021!

After redesigning the site to reflect her current mayoral status, nearly 1,000 Mount Dora residents have signed up for her email newsletter and 190+ people have signed up for the new recycling initiative.

Jen completely overhauled the Barrel of Books and Games website and created my campaign website as well. They continue to update and manage both sites and do an amazing job! 👏

-Crissy Stile: Mayor of Mount Dora, FL